Optimum Foot Orthotics is owned and operated by Sylvie Pineault, Certified Pedorthist, an experienced "hands on" professional who offers services in both French and English, Optimum Foot Orthotics is proud to create truly custom made orthotics for every individual.

Free assessments and free follow up for a period of one year is guaranteed by Optimum in order to ensure proper management of the orthotics and well-being of the patient. Patients must be diagnosed and referred by a physician, however a comprehensive gait analysis is completed at each patient introduction.

A variety of different conditions can result in the need for orthotics such as plantar fasciitis, patellofemoral knee pain, achilles tendonitis, calluses, and sports injuries toname but a few. We utilize the “slipper plaster cast” approach in order to ensure precision casting for every foot and patient. This in itself is unique in the industry as it takes time and is crafted with care for every individual.

About Optimum Foot Orthotics

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